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Bauer is a Charleston, South Carolina based guitar manufacturer that specializes in handmade, custom guitars. I worked with them during their launch to create logos and brand direction. 

rapid prototyping

After initial direction from the client, the first phase of logo design is rapid sketch prototyping. The goal here is to feel the flow of the words and graphic elements in the logo and see them in as many different forms as possible to give a good jumping off point. 



Once the the rapid prototyping produces enough of a base to move on, three unique concepts are presented to the client. In this case, the client was looking for two marks. A classic signature logo (I.e. Gibson and Fender Guitars) and a banner/badge logo. 

Logo B.png

final logos

The client picks a direction from the concepts and after two rounds of edits we reach the final product. When the final logos are signed off on I create additional assets for them for other uses like social channels, apparel and stationary.

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